How to Contact Matmond

Please contact us using the form below

If you were wondering how to contact Team Matmond, rejoice as you have reached the correct page. Simply fill the form below and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours*. That’s a promise from Team Matmond.

You are at the right place to contact Team Matmond. Using the form below, will result in sending an email directly to Emmanuel the Director of Matmond.

    What happens when you contact Matmond ?

    Emmanuel will orientate your request to the best positioned sales representative in Matmond and will send you a message on Whatsapp to let you know how your request has been handled.

    We want our relationship with you to be special. We want it to be a good and memorable experience. We think that you are a busy person like the most of us, which is why we will favour exchanges using Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat or Telegram.

    Please let us know if you do not use one of these 4 apps so we can adapt to your preferences. Likewise if there is a time slot you favour for us to reach you back, let us know and we will follow your directives.

    Notes on contacting Matmond

    Please note that contacting Matmond for requests other than photocopier sales or purchases will not be considered.

    In addition, requests for Matmond to buy your unwanted items outside of France will not receive a favourable answer as they would incur too high transport costs to be commercially viable.

    Finally requests from end users (as opposed to photocopier experts) might not be considered. Matmond is a stockist (or a Broker) and sells printers and photocopiers in quantities. You can read our services page to have a better understanding of what we do (and don’t do 🙂)

    • except during weekends (i.e. Saturdays and Sundays)

    Please note that requests for marketing items will be ignored.