Loading containers: this is how we do!

Our expertise - 12.03.21

Loading containers is one of our biggest assets. Indeed, if our copiers aren’t wrapped in a good way, they may not arrive in one piece to their destination… Fortunately, our team is expert in the subject!  

Loading containers: care is the key 

Loading containers is a delicate step, that’s why our team is doing this very carefully. Our team take this stage very seriously and doing this with a high security level. As we take care of our machines, we obviously want they arriving to you in the best condition.  

In fact, we wanted to share this with you: take a glance at the way we load photocopiers in containers for export! Our expertise in loading trucks and containers for export is second to none. 
Copiers are wrapped and securely lading in containers to ensure that they arrive in the best possible condition.  

we create a floor with pallets, so we can add more copiers and the containers will be perfectly fulled. Palets will also help us to wedge to copiers so that they do not fall.

We wrap ecologically  

In addition to a carefully wrapping, Matmond is now loading ecologically! In fact, we are done with the polystyrene and we have replaced it by cardboard honeycombs. * We are proud to be the first in the copier’s world to do that.  

Also, we use noble materials such as wood to make sure to not destroy the environment where the containers are going.   

It is truly important for us because one of Matmond’s reason to be is environment. We try to have the lower impact as possible.

Loading containers: Come and see! 

As proof of transparence, if you want, you can assist to the loading of your copiers. Our team is also at your disposition for any of your questions about logistic, containers, packing, loading… Or other!  

Also, if you are interested in Matmond, follow us on our Youtube Channel ! 

*The picture we took to illustrate our article is an old picture, so there is still polystyrene on it.