You are a photocopier professional.

Every day, you are facing the used equipment management. To enhance, optimize and simplify this aspect of your work, MATMOND offers you the following solutions:

  • Free quotes for your used photocopiers incl. collect costs,
  • Quickly Single-item or multi-items collection,
  • Traceability of the end of life of your copiers (Recycling Tracking Documents)

Thanks to its financial stability, the reliability of its team, its modern infrastructures and its commitment to excellence, MATMOND is your partner of choice in the professional photocopier industry when it comes to your used equipment. In this sector MATMOND represents:

  • 7,000 photocopiers in a range of brands, from the oldest to very recent models,
  • Management and recycling of WEEE,
  • Innovative and modern technical department,
  • Efficient and organized administrative department,
  • A multilingual sales and purchase department,
  • A developed and high-quality distribution network.