How to buy used photocopiers

So you have decided to buy used photocopiers, congratulations, you have come in the right place.

Matmond : your best choice to buy used photocopiers

We pride in having the largest stock in Western Europe and more importantly in offering quality models. Matmond has in excess of 6000 used photocopiers in its 6000 square meter warehouse in the west of France.

Our sales team is very knowledgeable and will endeavour to serve you as best as possible. They know each and every model and they will guide you, should you need help to make a choice. Our know-how and professionalism is what makes Matmond reputation; it is based on mutual understanding and trust.

buy used photocopiers

A professional logistic team

With a professional logistic team like ours, the act of buying used photocopiers has never been so flawless. Whether this is your first time importing used photocopiers or you are a seasoned buyer, you can place your trust in the hands of our logistic team. We have over 25 years of experience in exporting goods across the globe. Ask us to organise your transport and we will offer you the best service money can buy in complete transparence. You will be able to track your shipment all to its destination and we will contact you 15 days before arrival to arrange transfer of ownership.

Should you prefer to organise shipping yourself, then this is no problem for us. We will deliver the goods ex-works and you will take over as soon as they leave our warehouse. Any way you choose, we are the experts at your service.

Please fill in the form below to buy used photocopiers and we will contact you within 24 hours with an answer to your requests.