Toner cartridges for used photocopiers

Matmond holds a large choice of toner cartridges both OEM and compatible.

OEM toner cartridges

Thanks to our special relationship with some of the finest OEM toner suppliers in Europe we are able to offer genuine OEM toner cartridges for the fraction of the price of new ones. Using OEM in used photocopiers is your guarantee to have the ultimate quality consumable in your photocopy machines. This will prevent early wears and tears and keep maintenance costs of your machines low. Make sure that you ask for those products when talking to our sales representatives.

Cheap genuine OEM toner cartridges

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High quality Compatible toner

At Matmond we also believe that high quality toner for used photocopiers doesn’t need to cost the earth. This is the reason why we have concluded a agreement with the best compatible toner manufacturer : Integral. Integral is a German company with factories in both France and Germany. It has a track record of creating high quality toner powders that have nothing to envy to OEM toner. Those products are designed and engineered in Europe and are the highest quality money can buy.

Thanks to our agreement, with Integral, you can buy affordable high quality toner that will never damage the copiers you are maintaining, thus helping you making substantial savings on your consumables supplies. Make sure that you ask for those when talking to one of our sales representatives.

Compatible toner cartridges