21 November 2019

One Happy Team

30 October 2019

The Xerox family of products

How much do you know about the full Xerox family of products. Please check your knowledge using the official portfolio paper above and let us know […]
29 October 2019

What is happening at Matmond ?

Our deepest thanks go to TV Vendee, the local TV channel, that shot this short video (in French) that explains our business. Please enjoy and comment.
26 October 2019

Recycling unrepairable photocopiers.

When our photocopiers become either obsolete or are damaged beyond repair, we stripe of them of their valuable parts and consumables. Then we let them be […]
18 October 2019

How to change the transfer belt of a photocopier ?

Please Watch this tutorial before changing the transfer belt of your photocopier:
28 September 2019

Watch the happy life of an used photocopier :

Take a look at the life of a photocopier from collection to delivery. Here is what happens to our machines. Have a look at our process […]
24 September 2019

We are proud of APRÈS.

APRÈS is a French society that promotes re-use of  electronic equipment across the world. This is our contribution to the circular economy. At Matmond, we are […]
15 September 2019

Weekly news from Matmond’s team.

Last week, our team tested 687 photocopiers and delivered 726. Those machines were destined to 18 customers worlwide. In addition, we also tested 600 Canon machines 149 Xerox […]
29 July 2019

We are ISO 14001:2015 certified (again)

We did it again !! Last Week, Matmond’s team pass with honours its certification test for ISO 14001:2015 version. Our company has been certified for more […]