Want to dispose of unwanted used photocopiers ?

You are a photocopier end-user or a copier distributors or even a leaser, and you wish to dispose of unwanted used photocopiers.

Matmond will buy them from you. We answer all requests for purchase whether they are ex- rental or simply replacement for new. Contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss the date, place and value at which we will purchase your fleet* of unwanted used photocopiers.

Matmond buys your unwanted used photocopiers.

We are interested in your unwanted used photocopiers. Do not destroy them or let them to rot; they still have a value and more importantly they have a second life. We will consider all brands, black and white or color, digital, high or low meter, used photocopiers. We are able to handle all phases of the transaction: offer,  order,  payment and the collection at your facility.
Thanks to our solid partnership with logistics experts, we permanently have at our disposal empty lorries or vans ready for collecting your photocopiers.

unwanted used copiers

Used equipment management.

Matmond is a specialist in photocopier second life. When used equipment arrive at our warehosue, they are tested and repaired if need be. In the unlikely case where photocopiers cannot be reused, we transfer them to Ecologic, our recycling partner, specialised in WEEE management (electronic and electrical equipment waste).

Every day, you are facing the used equipment management. To enhance, optimize and simplify this aspect of your work, MATMOND offers you the following solutions:

  • Free quotes for your used photocopiers incl. collection costs,
  • Quick single-item or multi-items collection,
  • Traceability of the end of life of your copiers (Recycling Tracking Documents)

Why is electronic equipment re-use so important?

When a photocopier is manufactured, it costs the planet dearly. It is estimated that 3,300 kg of CO2 are emitted and 2.1 tonnes of raw materials such as water, copper … are used. Re-use of photocopiers offers a second life to this energy-consuming electronic and electrical equipment. And when you consider that only 20% of this waste goes to recycling, you realise why the question of reuse is essential!

Our commitment

Thanks to its financial stability, the high level of expertise of its team, its modern infrastructure and its commitment to excellence, MATMOND is your partner of choice in the professional photocopier industry. In this industry MATMOND represents:

  • a constantly renewed stock of 4,000 photocopiers
  • Management and recycling of all WEEE we receive,
  • A multilingual sales and purchase department,
  • A developed and high-quality distribution network.

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* Please take into consideration transport costs when submitting your request. For instance requesting that we collect a single 10 years old machine at more than 500 km from our warehouse will invariably be rejected as transport cost will render your equipment unsalable.