Buying your old
(unwanted) copiers

Copier purchasing and more…

Matmond’s core business is in used photocopiers, Multi-Function Devices (MFP), Light Production (Press) and Wide Format machines export. This means that we constantly purchase old Print Equipment mainly from specialized dealers but also from final users such as small and medium enterprises.
If you are about to replace your old photocopiers and multi-function printers, chances are they still have a value and Matmond could well be interested in buying it from you. Rather than sending it to the recycling site, you may want to offer them a second life. If this is the case, please contact us using our dedicated purchase contact form. Rest assured we will offer you the best possible service when offering to buy your old copier(s).
We will consider all brands, black and white or color machines, high or low meters, used models. We will handle all transaction phases for you from initial buying offer to final order, payment and collection at your facility.

Our bidding process

Matmond is a specialist in giving used and second-hand photocopiers a new life. When filling the purchase contact form, you will be writing an email directly to our purchase department. Our specialists will study your proposal and run it against our latest buying price list. They will assess the cost of picking up your equipment at the location it is stored in, taking into consideration possible difficulties such as no lift, stairs, access to loading docks and so on. Once all data are computed, our experts will contact you back with an offer. Should you agree with our proposal, pick up will be programmed (generally within 14 days) and once your equipment has reached our warehouse, it will be tested it to verify that it is in the state you told us it was in.

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HDD Cleaning

Little did you know that your printing equipment kept a lot of data about the jobs you give it to accomplish. Some of those data are personal data and could harm your business when in wrong hands.
Before getting rid of photocopiers or printers you no longer want, we strongly recommend that you erase all hard disk drives (HDD). By doing this, not only will you be safe in the knowledge that your data won’t be dispersed but you will also be acting in strict accordance with GDPR, the European Regulation about General Data Protection Regulation.
Maybe you are not sure about how to proceed with HDDs cleansing? Rest assured Matmond can do it for you. Just mention that you require us to safely erase your data and we will include this service in your purchase quote. Once the job is done, we will send you a detailed report to prove that all data are erased in accordance with current regulation (generally data is erased in accordance with DOD standards).

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we don’t buy

Unfortunately, not every printing equipment has a value. For as much as we would like to give a second life to all used copiers and printers, some have long passed their sold by date and have no residual value on the export market.
If your equipment is more than 15 years old, chances are, it is no longer worth much. If your equipment is not in working condition or has been kept in a cabinet for too long, it might be difficult to start it again as inks and toner could have dried and damaged moving parts. If you are located well outside the 350 km circle around our warehouse and you only have one piece of equipment, we might find out that transport cost will render the price we can offer you too low.
That said, it is always worth a try and you won’t know if your equipment can be bought by us if you don’t ask. So please do ask and fill in the purchase contact form. And we could also help you recycle it through our dedicated recycling branch.