Why recycling copiers ?

Our commitment - 16.03.21

Matmond’s mission is to give second life to used photocopiers. That’s how it started. 25 years after, Matmond has “saved” more than 468 000 copiers. You may have understood, recycling copiers is our daily life! 

Why is it important to recycling copiers?  

Ecology and the protection of our planet are subjects that are particularly close to our hearts. All our actions are focus on saving photocopiers! Indeed, a photocopier is expensive to the Earth during its manufacture. It costs a lot of water and raw materials. Moreover, when a company wants to change all its copiers, some of them are still in good state of work! At Matmond, we think that giving a second life to copiers which still can be able to work is necessary for the Earth and the best way to reduce waste. We rather repair than buying new!

Therefore, when a company wishes to get rid of it for such or such reason, instead of throwing them away, we decide to buy them back to repair them and reintegrate them into the commercial circuit. And that’s how copiers have a second life! 

How Matmond can help? 

Matmond is helping by buying old copiers from companies (maybe yours?) and repairing them. All our repaired copiers are tested and declared able to function. If we found a copier that can’t be repaired, we will always try to recover what can be recovered: parts, toner, consumables…. This is how we created a stock of quality used spare parts that you may buy from us too. Finally, if the copiers can’t give us anything more, then we will work in partnership with local recyclers that have a serious reputation and above all that have a governmental agreement. These people will collect the machines from our warehouse and carefully dismantle them to separate valuable component and recycle them. And they too get to have a second life. 

Your old copiers are in good hands with us!  

So, before throwing away your old copiers, think to Matmond! Contact us to see if your copiers can interest us. We’ll help you to give a second life to your copiers!

If you want to see the happy life of a used copiers, watch our video below! 

Recycling our photocopiers