Second-hand photocopiers

The printing market is a vast market that offers a multitude of choices in terms of brands, performance, footprint, price and functionalities. As is the case in other industries, many market players around the world find it more interesting to turn to second-hand photocopiers for financial, ecological or even logistical reasons.

A photocopier ; for whom? for what?

The printing industry includes printers, photocopiers, scanners and large format printing machines such as digital production presses or plotters. The star of the market? It is definitely the copier, and more precisely the 3-in-1 multifunction copier that prints, photocopies and scans.

Whether it is in A4 or A3 format, copier is the machine that is chosen by most because of its complementarity but beware it also is the most expensive choice. That’s why the second-hand photocopier market is thriving. Indeed, the fleets that are renewed are in reality very often machines that are still functional and therefore still have value. They can be revalued as is or through reconditioning.

Second-hand photocopiers

What is the difference between a second-hand photocopier and a reconditioned photocopier?

A second-hand photocopier is sold as is. It is a unique machine with its options, its meters, its wear and small defects of all kinds. The copier is obviously functional and complete in the sense that no consumables are missing. On the other hand, the latter are neither checked – apart from a copy test – nor changed in case of wear. It is therefore quite conceivable to have to change parts on a second-hand photocopier.

Conversely, reconditioned photocopiers benefit from more advanced tests, a complete change of all consumables and sometimes even a reset of the copy meters. When buying a reconditioned photocopier, you end up with a like-new copier. at a higher price than a used one.

A second-hand photocopier is on average 2 to 3 times cheaper, except for recent ranges which sell at a high price due to very high demand.

The advantages of second-hand photocopiers

For many reasons, second-hand photocopier remain a very good option on for those willing to embark on the copier market. Whether it is to maximize costs, collect parts to ensure maintenance or simply to get their hands on older models now out of catalogs, every professional has a good reason to turn to “brokers” (wholesalers) to meet their needs.

At a time when ecology and sustainable development are taking hold in our economy, second-hand photocopiers presents themselves as allies to meet CSR or ISO 14001 objectives. It also allows distributors to be able to meet the new requirements of more and more public tenders that require a mandatory share of used machines.

Opting for second-hand photocopiers is a great way to acquire a machine with high print quality and various options that would otherwise remain inaccessible to certain budgets.