Technical video clips on photocopiers.

Video clips to help you.

Matmond is very happy to present you with its page containing technical video clips on photocopiers.

Matmond is not just a reseller of used photocopier. As part of its business it provides technical assistance with your photocopier using videos. Our experience ranges across the whole range of models (except for the latest one that are not yet on the second-hand market) so we are confident we can help you out.

We have shot a series of quick technical video clips on photocopiers to help you overcome some of the most common problems you may encounter as an end user or as a professional (although if you are a professional our guess is that you already know this).

These video clips represent our way to provide you with free of charge technical assistance with your photocopier. This page is far from complete and more videos will be added with time. The only limit is our inspiration and your requests. So if you think of a problem you would like us to address on a video, do not hesitate to tell us using this form.

Our series of technical video clips starts here.

Replacing a drum on a Bizhub C224

How to replace a worn out drum on a Konica Minolta Bizhub C224

Replacing a drum on a WorkCentre 7830

How to replace a drum on a Xerox WorkCentre 7830

Replacing a transfer belt on Canon

How to replace a transfer belt on a Canon IR Advance C 35 series

Wipe clean your HDD

Since the introduction of GDPR – RGPD, it has never been so important to keep control over personal information. Your photocopier is equipped with a large HDD and stores everything you print, scan or copy. Wiping these information is key to your GDPR-RGPD compliance. Here is how it can be done using machine embedded software.

Ricoh MPC 3 series

How to wipe the HDD of a Ricoh 3 series

Canon IR Advance C 35 and 55 series

How to wipe the HDD of a Canon IR Advance 35 or 55 series


Technical tips and tricks

Tips to avoid copier jams

Paper jams are very common in photocopy machines. Here are a 3 tips that will help you avoid 90% of common paper jams.

Tips for a problem free scan

Should you wish more technical assistance with your photocopier, do not hesitate to drop us a message requesting a particular focus point on a technical problem that is nagging you. To do this fill in the contact form here.

We can also produce technical assistance video clip in English if you so desire. Just let us know