Reconditioned copiers

The highest standard of reconditioning in the photocopier industry

Below is our selection of our reconditioned copiers and like-new equipment that we hold in stock for you.

These machines have been thoroughly tested and all essential consumables have been replaced with high quality compatible parts. We have replaced :

  • all 4 drums and their associated cleaning blades,
  • fuser fixing film,
  • the transfer belt and transfer assembly
  • rollers such as paper pick-up, paper separation, paper feed, sleeved and transfer rollers
  • ADF parts

Reconditioned copiers have all been thoroughly cleaned and tested prior and after servicing. Meters have been reset to zero to reflect it. These machines will really blow your mind with the state they are in.

These copiers can be yours for the fraction of the price of a new one whilst having the life span of new machines.

Like-new copiers by Matmond

We also buy from our manufacturers like-new machines with extremely low meters. We classify them as “new” since they mostly have printed no more that 50K. In addition we hold a selection of older models that have been entirely refurbished with OEM parts. Those are premium models that you may request by contacting our team sales using the contact form.

Below is a view of some refurbished models we have that have been fully revised and checked. The full list of available model changes every day as reconditioned copiers sell fast. But rest assured we get new deliveries from our partners on a weekly basis.

To make sure you do not miss out, fill in the contact form and we will get back to you swiftly. Make sure you also ask for our toners.

  • reconditioned CANON IR Advance Color 5250
  • reconditioned Canon IR Advance 5540
  • reconditioned Konica-Minolta Bizhub Color 224 E
  • reconditioned Canon IR Advance Color 3330