Eco-responsibility, our commitment to a more sustainable world

Our commitment - 16.03.21

Our commitment to a higher eco responsibility

We did it again! We got ISO 14001:2015 certification! Our eco responsibility is making a difference for the planet. By passing the test for this new certification we are showing our commitment and in return receiving a formal acknowledgment for our eco responsibility. Last Week, Matmond’s team pass with honours its certification test for  ISO 14001:2015 version

This certification is about environment managing and the main point is the principle of continuous improvement of environmental performance by controlling the impacts linked to the activity of the company 

Our company has been certified for more than 15 years now. We are very proud of this new achievement. ISO Certification is our commitment to do our best for the environment. 

Making a difference with the competition

It has been in MatMond DNA ever since its inception to show eco responsibility and act for the environment. In itself our activity is already a substantial building block towards helping building a more sustainable world. Team MatMond in its entirety, from our technicians to the owners, really wants to make a difference for the protection of the Earth. That’s why we first choose to reuse used copiers and give them  an other life. 

Very few of our competitors bother with this certification. It is however a must for some of our suppliers like Canon and Toshiba and we thank them for that. Together we can make a difference. 

Going a step further

But not all is rosy in this quest for a better environment. Our next challenge is to replace plastic wrapping by a more eco-friendly product. We have already trialed various paper and cardboards based products with little success. Products are either bulky, difficult to use, unsuitable and most of them are up to ten times more expansive. But all is not lost and we keep looking for new ideas and concepts. Be sure to follow our news to know more about this project. 

Acting for the planet by promoting reuse of photocopiers.