Photocopier Repair: How do we deal with it?

Our expertise - 12.05.21

A photocopier will always break down at the wrong time. A few weeks after the legal warranty has expired for instance. But like for your car, “broken down photocopier” does not mean “junkyard”. In fact, with a little understanding of electronics and depending on the nature of the breakdown, you can carry on your own photocopier repair . We may even have already covered the problem in our explanatory videos, made by our super technician, Fabrice. If you are unable to have your copier fixed, Matmond will buy it back from you and fix it before exporting it. We’ll tell you how.

photocopier repair

Photocopier repair: What causes breakdowns?

The first step towards repair is to identify the nature of the breakdown. Let’s assume that there are four main types of failure in photocopiers. The first type is the electronic boards, which can physically break or become defective. This is more likely to happen if you have recently moved the copier without much attention. The second type of breakdown can be the result of consumables. You don’t need to be told that consumables are made to be… consumed! As a result, they can suffer natural wear and tear and therefore need to be replaced. Consumable parts include the transfer belt, the fuzer, the drums and developers. If your photocopier is affected by this type of breakdown, you may be able to exchange the parts yourself. The third type of breakdown, and certainly the most visible to the naked eye, is due to a broken screen or cover. Finally, like a computer, a photocopier has a hard disk, which can also break down.

Changing interchangeable parts (consumables)

Once the nature of the failure has been identified and a thorough cleaning of the photocopier has been carried out, we can proceed with the part exchange. Some parts require more electronic and technical knowledge but fortunately our team of technicians are well trained and can repair any model. When we replace parts, we have the choice of using new or used parts. The cost of some new parts can vary greatly: for example, the price of an electronic board can start at 50€ and go up to 1500€! Which, by the way, is almost the price of a second-hand photocopier. At Matmond, we prefer to use used parts because they have been checked by us beforehand and are still functional.

Conducting tests

After changing the defective parts and cleaning the photocopier, it’s time to test it! A real moment of truth… Which is often conclusive, thanks to the expertise of our technicians! Yes, we are very proud of this. All jokes aside, the photocopier will be subjected to a whole battery of tests to ensure that it can be put on sale in its best condition.

Matmond will buy your old or unwanted photocopier even if it has broken down. We will fix it and put it back in the loop! Afterwards, you will probably need a new photocopier… And have you thought about buying second-hand one or better even a reconditioned photocopier ? 😉