Used photocopier: why wouldn’t you take the plunge?

Our expertise - 04.10.21

Contrary to popular belief, used photocopiers can be of excellent quality and have a nice long second life in your business. 

Moreover, used photocopiers are also an excellent alternative to new ones in terms of price but also from an ecological point of view. Let’s learn more in this article!

Will used photocopiers be of the same quality as new ones?

As mentioned before, one of the preconceived notions about buying second-hand is that the item will not perform as well as a new omne. This belief may be well-founded if they assume that there is no such thing as zero risk. 

Of course, some sellers of second-hand copiers or electronics can make a profit by stripping the machines of their parts or by tinkering with them a bit. But if you turn to reputable professionals, they won’t engage in such dubious practices.

At Matmond, we care too much about our customers to deliver machines in poor condition. We believe that honesty and trust are the basis of business. That’s why we go to great lengths to repair and deliver every single copier with care.

A used photocopier or even better a reconditioned photocopier sold by us or our partners will therefore work just as well as a new one.  And you’d be surprised how well and how long it will do so !

used photocopiers

The used V new effect: are second-hand copiers less efficient?

Manufacturers have long understood that to ensure regular sales and business growth they must offer new models every 2 or 3 years.

This has nothing to do with early equipment wear and tears and everything to do with the excess of modern consumerism. A used photocopier, say a 35 page-per-minute, that has printed 250 000 pages has only covered a quarter of its life.

A photocopier is not affected by programmed obsolescence. Thanks god for that. It is not built with cheap components, and rarely suffers from low-quality design and manufacturing. A photocopier is a sturdy machine built to last and, provided it is well looked after, will take you a long way.

And what about Reconditioned photocopiers ?

In essence reconditionned photocopiers are used photocopiers that have been thoroughly cleaned, tested and in which spare parts have been checked and replaced when need be.

How to understand pricing? Will a used copier be cheaper?

What if we compared the market for copiers with the market for cars? Beyond the brand effect (a Porsche does not have the same price as a Toyota), the prices of used cars are entirely determined by their engine size and mileage. 

But back to our copiers. The price of used copiers is directly related to the number of pages they have printed (mileage), the power of the engine (the number of copies per minute they can print) and their accessories.

Let’s finish with the point that probably made you click on this article: in terms of price, is it worth it? 

You should know that a new copier costs on average between €3,500 and €8,000. This cost varies depending on their technical characteristics (number of copies per minute, black and white or colour printing…), their brand and their accessories (paper feeder, type of finisher, number of cassettes…). 

On the other hand, the price of a second-hand copier depends mainly on its potential, i.e. its remaining life span. So yes, the model, age, brand and accessories all play a part, but what you are buying above all is the guarantee that you will be able to print as many pages as you like. In terms of figures, if you buy a second-hand photocopier from Matmond, you’ll pay between one tenth and one third of the price of a new one. So is it worth it? We are tempted to say yes. 😉 why not have a look at our best sellers

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